Supporting local and regional environmental justice

An offshoot of the Sierra Club, ATX EJ was formed in 2015 to ensure that Austin's transition away from coal power was a just one by interacting with citizen leaders and city council. In addition to our continued work to move Beyond Coal, we tackle projects like flood recovery and transportation, helping to amplify the voices of our underrepresented neighbors.  We don't just raise awareness, we get directly involved in issues and work for change, using the Jemez Principles as our guide.  We often partner with like-minded organizations such as Austin Justice Coalition, Black Lives Matter, Undoing Racism Austin, and Travis Austin Recover Group.  

You are welcome to join us!  We have meetings around the city in order to be as inclusive as possible. There are no membership fees and we value the input from all of our members, even if it's their first day.

Request to join our Google Group mailing list here.

Past and ongoing projects:

Moving Austin to green power - ATX EJ played a key role in developing the city's 10-year clean energy plan.  We advocated for families hit hardest by the city's ongoing affordability crisis and provided education on how to lower energy bills and contest unfair bills.

Thoroughbred Farms cleanup - ATX EJ helped clean up flood damage and collected information from residents in an ongoing effort to help the neighborhood organize in order to self-advocate when interacting with local and national governmental bodies.